The JEsus Podcast

The Jesus Podcast

Embark on a transformative journey with PRAY.COM's The Jesus Podcast—a groundbreaking podcast that dives into the life of Jesus Christ. This series is a marvel in Christian storytelling, brilliantly capturing the essence, teachings, and parables of Jesus with the allure of Hollywood-grade production.

Listen to the stirring tales of the crucifixion and resurrection, brought to life with captivating narrative flair. Experience the parables in unprecedented vibrancy, marvel at Christ’s miracles, and witness his dominion over darkness and sin.

This podcast is for anyone seeking insights into the Bible. Join this epic saga and allow the enduring story of Jesus to transform your perspective, inspire awe, and enrich your life.

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About Troy brewer

Troy Brewer is a tireless student of God's Word and sold-out believer in all things prophetic. Pastor at OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas, Troy's radio and television programs are broadcast worldwide. He is a global missionary known for his radical love for Jesus, unique teaching style, and his passion for serving people. Troy rescues girls and boys from sex trafficking worldwide through his ministry

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